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Bucky had a bad tummy starting on Christmas eve.  I checked online because he was vomiting shortly after eating.  I found that he had chewed up pine needle chunks in his vomit.  He was trying to get something out.  Looking online for a home cure, I read that I should give him Pedialyte and Banana baby food to keep him hydrated.   Also found that he should not eat anything for 18 to 24 hours.  After 18 hours I gave him about half of his  chow soaked in Pedialyte.  He kept it down all day and today he’s back to his normal 15 month puppy stuff.  He’s a VERY happy guy!
Feeling Better after a sour stomach


My Boys  Bucky and Bun-Bun

Catching some Florida sun.



I have watched this website for a long time and wanted to share this with as many that see my blog.

Sweet Mama Dog Interacting with a Beautiful Child with Down Syndrome

Christmas Poem written by Linda Golaszewski and shown here with the scrolling text.

A children’s book about our Black Lab named Bun-Bun

Available at the following websites:

Makes a great Christmas gift for that special child in your life!

No Bird was Harmed in This Photo

No Bird was Harmed in This Photo

Buckwheat now 4 months old with His Mallard Duck. It’s a dog toy just incase PETA is looking.

Bucky at 11 weeks painting

Bucky at 11 weeks paiting

This is a photoshop 18mp image changed to look like a painting showing brush strokes, printed and stretched on canvas with a 1.75 inch wraparound frame. This service is available thru Digital Montage Films and this blog.

Detoxification for your pet

Bun-Bun Gets a Baby Brother

Bun-Bun Gets a Baby Brother

Buckwheat (Bucky for short) is our 10 week old male Black Lab and the newest member of our Family. We went back to our breeder, Cathy Green of Cabin Creek Labs in Maple Park, IL