Starting Friday, September 14, 2012

I will be having short and to-the-point video conversations with Dr. Trish Kallenback on a number of topics.  Dr. Trish is a holistic veterinarian and owner of “The Healing Place” in Crystal River, Florida.

Some of the topics we will discuss will be:  1)  the benefits of a RAW diet for your dog;  2) what is VERY important about keeping sanitary while providing a raw diet to your dog; 3) supplements that are necessary in the raw diet; 4) meat alone is not enough for your dog; and 5) alternatives to a raw diet.

Holistic care for your dog will also be discussed in these videos.

I invite everyone to post their comments or questions in the Comments Section that I will then ask Dr. Trish.   The video segments will be updated with new topics as they arise.